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Founded in 1998, Nantong Hopeway Enterprises Inc. markets non-woven fabric products, gauze, cotton disposables, and cotton composites to the US, Japan, Europe, and other Asian markets.

Our technical expertise is not only limited to internal processes, but extends to final product use. We are highly responsive to the most up-to-date market requirements and customer needs. Because of our dedication to our overseas customers and markets, we have established over 5,000 square meters of clean room production areas within our facility that complies to ISO 13485 and GMP standards. Additionally, our company has been certified by FDA and Declaration of Conformity of CE.

Our organization has steadily grown through internal expansion, acquisitions, and horizontally integrated startup companies.

Emphasizing on controlled growth with a core customer base, our objective has always been to build a company of integrity, dependability, and financial stability.

The company's dedication towards a base of satisfied customers has led to many genuine partnerships. New product development and innovative thinking of enabled us to grow both domestically and internationally.

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Nantong Hopeway Enterprises Inc.All Rgihts reserve by 2012
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